Date : 10th Nov 2012 | Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Kenanga Whole City Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Another spectacular event brought to you by Jazzy Group ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia 2012 》. Jazzy Group will be bringing ZE:A to Malaysia, to hold their Showcase at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC) on the 10th November 2012, at 7.30 p.m. Ticket will official launch at 03rd September 2012, at 10a.m .

Good news to all the fans, as the first 200 fans who buys the VIP ticket (zone Z) will get a chance to be on stage to get an  autograph from ZE:A. Another good news is that there will be a “Lucky Draw Session” for everyone to have a chance to play and to interact with ZE:A on the stage.

韩国男子组合(ZE:A)即将在20121110,星期六来到大马举办首场《ZE:A马来西亚小型演唱会2012》,Jazzy Group 将把这韩国团体带来大马与各位韩国粉丝会面,地点于 Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC)举行。这是ZE:A首次公开售票小型演唱会。票务会在2012年9月3日,星期一早上10点公开发售。

以回馈韩迷热烈的支持,Jazzy GROUP为所有韩国粉丝带来第一个好消息,首200名购买VIP (zoneZ)的粉丝将获得上台索取签名海报。另一个好消息则是,当晚大会将举行“幸运抽奖” 项目。每位粉丝都有机会与ZE:A站在舞台上。为了回馈大马的韩迷,Jazzy Group 将势必献上无限惊喜给大家。

The ticket price are listed as below:
这是ZE:A首次来马举行售票小型演唱会,门票将分为 :
– zone Z   (VIP)    : Rm 333 (Free 1 poster) (免费附上 一张海报)
– zone E   (Z1)      : Rm 203
– zone A   (Z2)      : Rm 103

* Ticket price including RM3 processing fees

Korean male group ZE:A that is also known as Children of Empire, is a South Korean 9 members boy band formed under Star Empire Entertainment. They are Junyoung , Jung Hee Cheol, Kim Ji Yeop, Kim Tae Heon, Hwang Kwang Hee, Ha Min Woo, Im Woong Jae, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Dong Jun. ZE:A’s “Lovability” album got into second place in the highest sales ranking in Taiwan 2011. Furthermore, according to the G-Music Billboard charts, ZE:A is the number one selling K-Pop artist in Taiwan 2012. They have also ranked high in the country’s other music charts such as Five Music and eZPeer. Lastly, their song ‘Daily Daily’ has topped Japan’s charts (Channel V) in its respective category, which has further establishing their place in the music world.

ZE:A(朝鲜语:제국의 아이들)又称帝国之子帝国的孩子。这韩国男子团体,共有九位成员分别为俊英、Kevin、光熙、时完、泰宪、熹哲、旼佑、炯植、桐俊。于2010年1月15日正式出道。在正式出道前,成员们都有着一定的演绎经验,更为同门组合出演过多首MV以及现场演出的伴舞,为他们的出道打下了坚实的基础。由VOS和辉星作为声乐老师、Popin贤俊作为舞蹈老师的孩子们,是十分有实力的、备受关注的新人男子组合。

ZE:A也是第一组在韩国出道一百天就已经进军台湾的新人团体。 此外,ZE:A正式进军台湾后,通过在台湾播放的《帝国之子出道记》及《帝国之子出道记番外篇》,极大地提高了知名度。

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