Jazzy Pictures is a newly established film production company based in Malaysia. Ms. Joanne Goh founded the company in early 2017, with a mission to produce high-quality films to bring the name of the company and Malaysia movie industry to the international market.

Jazzy Pictures is also one of the independent film distributors in Malaysia. The company is comprised of a committed team of film enthusiasts; they are aspired to bring in more diverse movies for the domestic movie industry. Jazzy Pictures strongly believes in integrity, innovation and professionalism as core values for the company. As a dynamic film production company, Jazzy Pictures strives to continually discover new talents to deliver fresh and relevant content for the local and international audience.

Jazzy Pictures has previously handled the following:

  • Fly By Night 非常盗 (Malaysian Film – Production)
  • Hotel Soul Good 女皇撞到正 (Hong Kong Film – Distribution)
  • One Two Jaga 十字路口(Malaysian Film – Production & Distribution)
  • Peace Breaker 破局 (Hong Kong Film – Distribution)
  • The Empty Hands 空手道(Hong Kong Film – Distribution)
  • Manhunt 追捕 (China·Hong Kong Film – Distribution)