Date, Venues & Time:

September 3rd, 2015, 7.30 p.m. : Teatro Dal Verme, Milan, Italy

September 4th , 2015, 7.30 p.m. : Troxy, London, United Kingdom

September 6th, 2015,  7.00 p.m. : LE COMEDIA, Paris

Jazzy Group is proud to bring you our very first sensational Korean Pop showcase in Europe! TOPP DOGG’s First Showcase 2015 Live in Europe” will be held this upcoming September 2015!

Topp Dogg was formed by Stardom Entertainment in 2013. The group is made up of members; Jenissi, P-Goon, Gohn, Hojoon, Kidoh, Sangdo, Nakta, Hansol, B-Joo, Xero, A-Tom and Yano. This group is one of the few Korean Pop groups that contains a current total of 12 members-a record few have held-including fellow Korean heartthrob super group, Super Junior.

Known for their powerful dance routines and charismatic on-stage performances, Topp Dogg is arguably one of the latest rising stars in the Korean Pop music industry.

This will also be Topp Dogg’s first ever showcase in the Europe, following a recently successful showcase in their native country Korea, a showcase in Singapore during 2013, a highly successful Malaysian showcase last December, and even an American showcase tour this past February 2015.  Topp Dogg will be touring to several different cities across Europe to mesmerize their many fans with lots of fun-filled excitement and surprises.


As this will be TOPP DOGG’s first ever showcase tour in Europe, we also have some irresistible surprises in store for every Topp Klass in attendance! All VVIP ticket holders will have access to both a hi-touch AND photo-opportunity session pass! While all VIP ticket holders will be able to attend an exclusive hi-touch session with the boys!

Just think, an amazing seat, AND being able to meet face to face with you idols? Also, since these passes are not available for individual sale, these exclusive tickets are definitely an opportunity no Topp Klass would ever want to miss!

The ticket prices are listed as followed:

London Showcase

VVIP – £149    (Includes photo-opportunity session and hi-touch session passes)

VIP  – £119     (Includes hi-touch session passes)

Zone A – £79

Zone B – £49


Milan Showcase

VVIP – 159   (Includes photo-opportunity session and hi-touch session passes)

VIP – 129   (Includes hi-touch session passes)

Zone A – 79

Zone B – 49


Paris Showcase

VVIP – 169   (Includes photo-opportunity session and hi-touch session passes)

VIP – 139   (Includes hi-touch session passes)

Zone A – 89

Zone B – 59

 *Ticket prices includes tax and facility fees.

Tickets will be available on (for the London showcase), (for the Milan showcase), and (for the Paris showcase).

For more information and all the latest updates about Topp Dogg’s European showcase, please stay tuned to Jazzy Group’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Weibo accounts.