Date: 7th May 2017 Time: 7:00 a.m. (Assembly) 7:30 a.m. (Race start) Venue: Sunsuria City

Running with Stars which drew thousands of runners to participate every year returned with its third edition with another star-studded Hong Kong artists including Mandy Wong, Joel Chan and Rosina Lam and also actress come from Malaysia including Aishah Ilias and Nasha Aziz. It is a signature event which held annually aimed to encourage the public to run together with the stars and to promote healthiness and pick up running as a sport. The untimed event will take place on 7 May 2017 in Sunsuria City, Putrajaya South. There will be two categories which are 5km as well as 7km race that is available for the public. Both category will commence at 7:30am and the assembly time will be at 7am sharp. Participants will start the run from Sunsuria City Celebration Centre all along the way to Xiamen University Malaysia, before returning to the starting point for the completion. Inspired by the recent growing Malaysian’s trend for their passion in marathon, Running with Stars is also a platform that enables the public to work out and engage in healthy exercises with their favourite international artists. The event is to encourage more Malaysian to actively take part in outdoor exercises as well as increase the awareness of health care in a combination of sports and entertainment. Running with Stars Season 3 is organized by Jazzy Group. Jazzy Group the leading promo tour or concert management company in Malaysia. Apart from organizing concerts, Jazzy Group brings out many innovative and fun racing activities including Running with Stars marathon. The presenter of Running with Stars Season 3 – Sunsuria City and as the main sponsor Scoop have also come on board. Sunsuria City is an integrated township that is designed as an international lifestyle destination. The township spans 525 acres and contains all the necessities of daily life. It is built around the core of Xiamen University Malaysia, and is located in close proximity to Express Rail Link (ERL). There will be a food festival after the marathon as food trucks are available at sites. Participants can enjoy the food and drinks to favour recovery.  Registration for Running with Stars Season 3 will open at 24/3/2017. An online registration can be done in for the runners who are interested in participating in the marathon.   续第一届与第二届的马来西亚 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动圆满结束并且得到热烈回响的成绩之后,大家所期待的第三届 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动也即将在大马诞生。马来西亚 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动的主旨是为了呼吁现代的男女老少在忙碌工作与课业之余,也别忘了多参与有益身心的户外运动。此外,主办当局希望借此能够锻炼参赛者们的毅力与耐力,也希望大家能够从中了解合作精神的重要性。 于第三届的 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动,本会将邀请香港当红男女演员 Mandy Wong 黃智雯 , Joel Chan 陈山聪以及 Rosina Lam 林夏薇作为嘉宾来参与此体坛盛会。除此之外,本会也邀请了本地当红女演员,Aishah Ilias 与 Nasha Aziz 参与此体坛盛会。 透过此马拉松竞跑活动,粉丝们将有机会与偶像明星们近距离的互动以及进行马拉松竞跑活动。 第三届 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动将于 2017 年 5 月 7 日,星期日上午 7 时 30分在布城的征阳城 (Sunsuria City) 正式开跑。 参赛者们须于上午 7 时在活动地点集合。参赛者将能够选择 5 公里或是 7 公里的竞跑路程。于 3 月 24 日,星期五,第三届 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动将正式在网上开放给有兴趣报名参加的朋友们,只需到报名便即可。此活动的呈现者 Sunsuria City 以及赞助商 Scoop 将一同参与竞跑活动。另外,Sunsuria City也将于活动现场举办一场美食嘉年华。喜欢探讨平价美食的朋友们别忘了到现场给予支持。主办当局 Jazzy Group 在此呼吁大家一同来参与马来西亚 第三届的 Running With Stars 马拉松竞跑活动。更多更精彩并且值得期待的好康将于活动现场呈现给大家,千万别错过!