Venue: Palace of the Golden Horses

Date: 15th December 2013

Time: 2-6pm

This conference is organized with the main intention to create awareness and promote the adoption of Green Technology and Renewable Energy technologies in conjunction with Nanopac (M) Sdn Bhd signing ceremony. 

With the convergence of nanotechnology and green technology, the renewable energy industry is set to gain greater traction in the mainstream economies worldwide. Relevant to that statement, Nanopac is taking an exemplary and leading role in this sector through its latest nano-based solar cell technology and it is the first Malaysia’s nanotechnology-based renewable energy success story.

In Malaysia, the importance of renewable energy as an enabler of economic growth is reinforced in the 9th Malaysia Plan (2006-2010). Under the Small Renewable Energy Power Programme, small power plants utilizing renewable energy can apply to sell electricity to the utilities companies through distribution grid systems. This project applies to all types of Renewable Energy namely biomass, biogas, municipal waste, mini-hydro, wind and solar. On the government front, development of new sources such as solar and wind has been given emphasis on utilizing cost-effective technology under 9MP. As a developing country, Malaysia assumes a leading role in making the world greener by aligning its national initiatives to the Kyoto Protocol aiming to reduce its carbon footprints by 40% reaching 2020 compared to 2005 levels as announced in 2009, and with a portfolio of top-down approaches in the form of national policies and initiative encompassing Biotechnology and Green Technology, and Nanotechnology respectively.

In 2006, Dato’ Sri Najib Abdul Razak launched the National Nanotechnology Statement which led to the composition of the Malaysian Nanotechnology Initiative 4 years later. Due to its cross cutting nature, nanotechnology also touches renewable energy and as an enabling technology, it has been responsible for quantum leaps in green technology by offering new ways on energy harvesting, improved efficiency, increased productivity and importantly, cost reduction through less utilization of raw materials. Deemed as a strategic engine for the country’s economic growth apart from being a revolutionary tool catalyzing the energy industry, the Prime Minister in his own words declared in October 2009,


“Nanotechnology development would be given priority and be made one of the resources of the new economic model.

In this conference, there will be 3 major agreement and Memorandum of Understanding signing between Nanopac and partners. Firstly, a Memorandum of Understanding is signed between Nanopac and Nano Malaysia Berhad, the leading government CLG Company, to form collaboration to spearhead the National Nanotechnology initiative inspired by our beloved Prime Minister in 2009. The collaboration also covers the upcoming new “NANO VALLEY” project, a new nanotechnology hub in Malaysia and Asia. The project is estimated to be valued at RM500 million and is in the planning stages. In addition, this signing ceremony also witnesses Nanopac commencing its IPO exercise by executing the IPO consulting services with AFG Listing Inc from USA. Once the IPO exercise is completed, Nanopac will be the first Nanotechnology Company in Malaysia and Asia to be in Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The signing ceremony session would be ending with the execution of Exclusive Distribution Agreement between Nanopac and Actinia Solution Inc, USA for the distribution and marketing of Nanopac’s latest technology product. Nano Solar Cell, which will be fully manufactured in Malaysia.