Date:29th September 2017 Time:9PM Venue: MBO, The Starling Mall



Jazzy Pictures first ever distributed film – ‘Peace Breaker’ was premiere at 29th September 2017 (Friday), 9pm at MBO, Starling Mall. Laurence Teo, Gai Yew Lam, Debbie Loo together with Sam Chong who took part in the movie have attended the Q&A session after the screening. If you need a good cop thriller to tick you off in the best way, Peace Breaker will be the best choice for your leisure. Veteran actor Wang Qianyuan has finally featuring with Aaron Kwok in ’Peace Breaker’  . In the new film, Aaron takes on the role of a morally-bent police officer who is involved in many crimes. The shooting of the film was completely done in several locations around Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The action film is a remake of South Korea’s 2014 dramatic-thriller, “A Hard Day”. Movie ’Peace Breaker’ not only brings up the story plot into the sense of society, as well as ’bad’ system and ‘bad’ psychological reactance. There is no perfection in the film of the salvation hero, only contest between big evil and small evil. ‘Peace Breaker’ as a crop theme film not only pointed out a new idea, it brings up all the way in condition of unexpected surprise from the beginning to the end. ‘Peace Breaker’ as the recently theme of rare production, it is quite worthy to concerned.  During the Q&A session, Debbie Loo has share her experience about the character that she casts in the movie. Besides, Loo also highly suggest us to support Aaron Kwok’ s movie. Laurence Tuo was honored to have a collaboration with Aaron, he then gave the production team a highly compliment on their hard work. Gai Yew Lam (Aunty Lan) said this is the very first time to take up the scene in the coffin. To her, it is not a difficult challenge, she hopes to show her best effort in the movie. The experienced actor, Sam Chong is grateful to be part of the shooting and he hope other local actors could do as he in the international screen. Even if there is many handicap to make a good movie, it is worth to show the masterpiece to the audience. In addition, apart from the weight classes of actor, the dramatic plot, the opponents and the breakers are struggling with life and death, as well as fight and struggle scenes, it is absolutely let the audiences feel into “the council is dead, broken is born” tense of atmosphere. ‘Peace Breaker’ be sure is one of the worthlessness Chinese action criminal movie in this year. ‘Peace Breaker’ is due to hit Malaysia theatres on 5th October 2017. For more information, please visit Jazzy Pictures’s official Facebook page or email to for more details.

全程大马取景《破·局》首映礼圆满结束105日 马来西亚强势上映

Jazzy Pictures 首部发行的电影《破·局》于2017年9月29日(星期五)晚上9时在MBO, Starling Mall举办了首映礼!电影当中有参与演出的本地演员张水发、魏幽兰、卢宣彤与张咏华也集体亮相映后座谈,与观众一同分享电影趣事!当天导演王凯旋、著名演员庄群施与叶良才等艺人都出席支持这部在马来西亚取景的电影!首映后,观众口碑爆棚,纷纷赞叹故事精彩,笑点满分! 电影《破·局》是翻拍自韩国电影《走到尽头》,是部讲述了一段充满戏剧性的犯罪悬疑故事。除了有大卡司主演之外,全景都是在马来西亚拍摄的电影才是最大卖点。马来西亚素来被认为是亚洲风情的集结地,《破·局》全程都在马来西亚进行拍摄,主要地点是在吉隆坡和布城多个地区,而郭富城在电影里也饰演了一个当地警察,让观众看后留下深刻的亲切感。 《破·局》终于让郭富城与王千源双帝同框,在电影里掀起一场坏与坏的较量。环环相扣的情节,让任意两个关卡之间严丝合缝,不给人喘息的空间。除了大量的打斗画面,两人之间还有不少激情四射的对话,一句“你不心疼我吗?”成为全场亮点。郭富城在电影《破·局》里更是改变了往日在观众印象里浩然正气的形象,挑战了从未尝试过的黑警角色。电影里由王千源饰演的陈昌民更是个令人不得不严加防范,坏到骨子里的正派反角,打破了一般电影正邪对立的平衡格局,与郭富城一暗一明两大角色巅峰对决。 首映礼结束后,电影里有参与演出的本地演员一一来到舞台与大家会面。电影里饰演郭富城女儿的小童星卢宣彤还与大家分享了自己在电影中的角色。同时,宣彤也呼吁大家多多支持郭富城的电影,还承诺会以身作则,再次带上家人与朋友们一同入影院欣赏,一同破解迷局。演员张水发感到非常荣幸可以与郭富城一同参与拍摄,并称赞电影制作的水准堪比国外电影,可说是赞不绝口。魏幽兰女士(兰姨)诉说这次别具风味的演绎,首次挑战躺在棺木并不是很难的事情,能够突破自我也是她最想呈现给观众的。实力派演员张永华与观众的互动更是不在话下,除了荣幸能够参与大制作,他也希望其他马来西亚演员有机会可以挑战大荧幕,冲出海外。其实在他接下这部电影前,可是重重困难的,最后还是凭借那最深厚的演绎实力得到导演的欣赏,进而有机会在这里呈现一部那么好的电影给所有的观众, 电影《破·局》中不但有双雄激烈对战的“破菊”片段,还有独具黑色幽默的喜剧元素,片尾还有让人爆笑的彩蛋,将电影的黑色幽默进行到底,让观众意犹未尽。这部拥有犯罪喜剧特质的电影,除了让人看得心惊胆跳,更是能让观众捧腹大笑,必定是今年最值得一看的作品。电影《破·局》也将会定档2017年10月5 日(星期四)在马来西亚指定电影院隆重上映。 欲知更多资讯,请浏览Jazzy Pictures的官方面子书或电邮至 jazzypictures1600@gmail.com询问更多详情。