KUALA LUMPUR, 15th November 2017 – Distributed by Jazzy Pictures, the renowned director, John Woo together with Korean actress, Ha Ji Won who is the main actress in <Manhunt> had a press conference on 15th November 2017(Wednesday), 2:30 pm at Dorsett KL as well as a meet and greet session at 7pm, Pavilion KL. <Manhunt> has been a film with highest concerned production and Malaysia is honored to be the first country to hold a movie premiere.   Director Woo has praised Ha Ji Won in the press conference as she presents herself very well during the shooting process especially during the fighting scenes. He added a joke after being asked if he could demonstrate, he said he could even jump from one end to another when he was young. Talking about his daughter, he praised his daughter who acted as the partner of Ha Ji Won and there is a bond made in between them that leads quite a success to the movie shoot. The meet and greet had pushed out a large crowd of people in and it was out of our expectation. There are crowded fans waiting for Director John Woo and Ha Ji Won which included fans from different countries who took initiative to fly over to Malaysia just to meet Ha Ji Won. Ha Ji Won said that she was nervous when meeting director John Woo for the first time and she respected him very much. Before they left, they had a big photo session with the crowd appeared at the meet and greet at Pavilion KL. <Manhunt> which is a remake of the 1976 Japanese classic action thriller movie, which is based on the Japanese pulp novel Hot Pursuit by Jukô Nishimura. The story is about an innocent man who sets out the clear his name after he is framed for robbery and rape. The film was received as world premiere at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, 42nd Toronto International Film Festival and premiere at 22nd Busan International Film Festival.      With the accumulation for reputation and market of “violent aesthetics”, John Woo has succeeded played his fame spread throughout the world. He has filmed a lot of Hollywood movies; he even rolling about in the film industry for a half century. John Woo also became a proud of Chinese as he was presented with a Golden Lion award for a lifetime achievement at the Venice International Film Festival in 2010. Although those films which directed by John Woo mostly are full of violence, but the heroes in the movie are always bleeding and tears. The popular Korean actress, Ha Ji Won has played a lot of roles on both the big and small screens, including the internationally popular drama, <Secret Garden>, <Hwang Jini>, <Haeundae>, and <Empress Ki>. She also played roles in various genres such as action, comedy, horror and more. Ha has her first time to play a female killer in a John Woo’s film. The award-winning Chinese actor, Zhang Han Yu played minor role in some television series before appearing supporting characters in films directed by Feng Xiao Gang, such as <Cell Phone>, <A World Without Thieves>. For more information, please visit Jazzy Pictures’s official social media or email to

备受世界各地影展推崇 1123大马正式开始跨世纪的“追捕”

(吉隆坡15日讯)由Jazzy Pictures荣誉发行,著名国际导演吴宇森将会于星期三下午2点半在11月15日携新片《追捕》中女主角 – 河智苑到马来西亚Dorsett KL举行记者招待会!除此之外,《追捕》也引起了人潮汹涌,准时7点正在Pavilion以及首映礼于晚上9点正式在TGV Sunway Velocity成功引爆! 记者会进行时,吴宇森导演对河智苑赞不绝口。他非常佩服河智苑在拍摄武打戏份时的精彩和认真的表现。吴宇森导演还幽默地开玩笑说,如果他还年轻一定可以亲自上阵教导武打动作。不仅如此,导演亦称赞自己女儿的表现,与河智苑在拍摄期间表现得非常默契,使《追捕》更加精彩。 晚上7时正,《追捕》影迷见面会吸引了非常多人潮,人数简直超乎想象。在这拥挤的人潮中,不乏许多来自不同国家的粉丝,千里迢迢只为了见到吴宇森导演和河智苑一面。活动进行时,河智苑大方地谈关于她初次与导演见面时紧张和复杂心情。她亦表示吴宇森导演是她非常尊敬的人物并视他为老师。 电影《追捕》是改编自日本小说《涉过愤怒的河》,也是1978年上映的高仓健主演同名日本电影时隔40年的再次翻拍,这次吴宇森还加入全新的角色。《追捕》讲述了公正不阿的检察官杜丘因被人诬害而陷入一场边躲避警察追捕边追查真相的推理故事。电影剧情曲折离奇,而杜丘这个角色正反映了虽然人类无法避免悲剧命运,但仍旧拼命探求真相,勇敢对抗挫折。电影《追捕》除了成为第74届威尼斯国际电影节世界首映之外,还在第42届多伦多国际电影节也成为特别呈现,并在第22届釜山国际电影节放映。 《追捕》集中了中、日、韩、台、港五地合作的台前幕后强劲班底,由福山雅治、张涵予、河智苑与戚薇等领衔主演,除了有跨国际的豪华阵容,更是有惊险刺激的打斗、枪战、飞车与爆炸画面再现吴氏暴力浪漫导演吴宇森更是第一次在电影中加入女杀手的角色,女配角戚薇的演出也为电影增添了一份别样的柔情。 电影《追捕》将会定档于2017年11月23日(星期四)在马来西亚指定电影院隆重上映,剧情层层推进,从头到尾意外不停的惊异之作,要你入影院一起烧脑查案,“追捕”真凶! 欲知更多资讯,请浏览Jazzy Pictures的官方社交媒体或电邮至 jazzypictures1600@gmail.com询问更多详情。