TIME: 8.30 PM



KUALA LUMPUR, AUGUST 4- Organized by Jazzy Group, the most highly anticipated concert <10 Years Anniversary Fun With Three Gods Live in Malaysia 2018> has successfully ended, on the 4th August (Saturday), at the Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting! Louis Yuen, Wong Cho-Lam and Johnson Lee had bring their most funny, exciting, hilarious, amazing and humoristic comedy show and performance to the audiences in Malaysia.

The “Fuk Luk Sau” team consists of Louis Yuen, Wong Cho-Lam and Johnson Lee. Three of them are reunited to bring a fun, quirky and inventive form of visual for delighting the audiences. They bring laughter and delight through their imitation of renowned artists, parody songs and gags that will lights up the entire concert! The team created a playful yet compelling experience for audiences of all ages.

This concert is another spectacular concert following the success of their <Fun With Three Gods Live in Malaysia 2011> concert. Each of the trio will be disguised as different character for the performance of the concert. Wong Cho-Lam will be acting as “Under Woman”;Johnson Lee, who known as Gag King, will act as “Bedman”; while multi-talented Louis Yuen that made his debut through singing competition will act as “Captain America”. The concert kicked off with the opening medley and their superhero costume. During the session, they also invited Siu Bo (Chan Ka Kai) as a special guest and she had perform with the style like Lydia Shum Tin Ha. Besides that, Siu Bo also act as a famous Chinese singer, Han Hong and sang her song ‘Dawn’.

Koujee, a famous Malaysian beatboxer was also be invited as the special performance guest with Johnson Lee for this concert. Besides that, Louis Yuen also chose a Malaysian kid to perform a song with him on stage, as what they have mentioned during the media video conference which was happened in the early of July.

Organized by Jazzy Group, the official venue: Resorts World Genting, official radio station: 988 FM, official karaoke: Neway Karaoke, official online media: Viral Cham and official mineral water: Spritzer. With the full support of sponsors and partners, the event was successfully and joyfully ended!

“Fuk Luk Sau” team always present the most funny and interesting topic with treasured tricks to the audiences in order to entertain and make them burst into laughter. Despite of that, they practiced hard behind the show. The unintentional positive outcomes that presented by the “Fuk Luk Sau” team had unconsciously stay besides the audiences for 10 years.

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