Date : 26th May 2012 | Time : 3pm
Venue : Kenanga Whole City Mall, Kuala Lumpur

由Jazzy Group主办韩国新进男组合 – Block B将在5月26日星期六下午3點来马为何清园批发城担任开幕嘉宾之余也为大马粉丝呈现精彩演出,而且還會為幸運的粉絲簽名呢。

这是Block B首次来马担任开幕嘉宾并与大马的粉丝见面。Block B的粉丝, 这次你又怎能错过呢?

Block B是韓韩国制作人兼歌手赵PD所培训出来的七人Hip Hop歌手组合, 出道于2011年4月11日, 所属经纪公司是BrandNewStardom。Block B名称来自 Blockbuster的缩写, 其含义是有期望在音乐市场上造成巨大影响力的意思,音乐曲风以Hip Hop为主。

Block B这韩国新进男组合由七位组员组成,分别是泰欥,B-Bomb,宰孝,U-Kwon,朴经,ZICO以及P.O所组成。在他们出道时已推出一张单曲,《Do U Wanna B?》,随后再推出《New Kids on the Block 》和《Welcome to the Block》迷你专辑以及电视原声带。

Block B将会在5月26日来到大马会粉丝们, 更多关于Block B的消息, 可以到我们Jazzy Group的facebook获取最新消息或守着指定电台。

Korean wave is now once again hits Malaysia with the greatest news. The organizer will bring the newbie seven-member group Block B to Malaysia for the K-Pop fans in May. This event is brought to you by Jazzy Group. It is a big chance for all K-Pop fans to join Block B Meet the Fans session on 26th May 2012, starting from 3p.m. at Kenanga Wholesale City Mall (KWCM)Official Opening. Are you ready? Block B is about to hit Malaysia.

This is Block B debut in Malaysia as an opening artiste and meets the fans. Block B will show up to presents their exciting performances for the Malaysian fans and autograph session for the lucky ones. South Korea’s hip-hop group, Block B is created by Cho PD under his label Brand New Stardom. The group consists of seven members are Zico, Lee Taeil, B-Bomb, Ahn Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung and P.O. The members of Block B have dancing, rapping, composing and singing experience. Block B is a short term of “Blockbuster”, with the group having high hopes of making it big in the music industry. The group has its roots in hip hop, but also has interest in branching out into different genres.

Block B has rapidly growing influence of the K-Pop wave in Malaysia and countries nearby. Let’s take a look at the briefly introduction on seven members of Block B.

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