After 8 years since Aaron Kwok came to Malaysia in April 2015 to hold the ‘Aaron Kwok de showy masquerade World Tour’, Hong Kong’s King of Stage, Aaron Kwok will return to Resorts World Genting on June 24 and 25 with his new tour ‘Aaron Kwok Amazing Kode World Tour live in Malaysia 2023’ to meet with his fans in Malaysia.

The first show of the ‘Aaron Kwok Amazing Kode World Tour 2023’ was announced by Aaron Kwok, who has not toured for almost three years because of the epidemic, and started in Las Vegas, followed by Chicago, Atlantic City and Toronto. Just after the premiere in Las Vegas, the response was unprecedentedly enthusiastic. Aaron Kwok said, “Almost 3 years have passed since I have officially done a concert, this time the ‘Amazing Kode World Tour 2023’, I hope to see everyone at different sites, to share my new performance process and elaborate stage costumes, as well as my team’s dedicated performance.”

For this tour, Aaron Kwok will bring the best of his previous years to the new stage, with a series of signature classic dance songs such as ‘I Love You Forever’, ‘Love’s Calling’, ‘Generation Next’, ‘Crazy City’, ‘Para Para Sakura’, etc., with brand new visual effects, so that the whole audience can sing and dance with him. In addition, he also invited three new young visualisation directors and designers, including Ricky Sham, Kit Wan and Anson Lau to design costumes for him and his dance team, hoping to bring fans a new visual effect.

Aaron Kwok, who has always had high expectations of himself, said, “The stage is always a place full of creativity and dreams, and my team and I will continue to present the most exciting dance sequences and never stop!” For the 2 nights of performance in Malaysia, he teased that he will bring you unlimited surprises to thank his Malaysian fans for their support and love over the years, and he also hopes that you will enjoy his performance and get pleasure and motivation from it!

Presented by Jazzy Group, the ‘Aaron Kwok Amazing Kode World Tour live in Malaysia 2023’ will be held on June 24 (Saturday) at 8.30pm and June 25 (Sunday) at 6pm at Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting. Tickets are priced at RM1188 (VIP), RM888 (PS1), RM688 (PS2), RM488 (PS3) and RM288 (PS4) and will be available at and on March 27 at 10am. For more information on Aaron Kwok’s concert, please visit Jazzy Group’s Official Facebook or IG.